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Within days of eBook publication on Amazon, A Sort of Homecoming stormed to the top of the charts in Australia. Ranked #1 in both Sports Humour categories (eBook and Books), Homecoming also tore into the top 100 in the States (which is some feat for a cricket book!). 

The much-awaited paperback edition has sold in even greater numbers. 

A labour of angst for writer Paul Blewitt, the book has taken over a decade and drunken hook-ups with Alan 'Spider' Mullally in three continents to complete. Who can forget the days in Australia of beers, cop cars and kangaroo meat, piled-high platters of fresh seafood and see-no-evil shenanigans in Pattaya and bleary-eyed breakfast meetings in Kuala Lumpur? 

But it’s here now; in eBook and paperback.

With countless hilarious tales from the self-effacing batsman, we are taken on a rollercoaster ride from Ireland – the country of his father’s birth – to England, Australia and back again, as young Spider Mullally tries to make his mark in cricket and in life.

Watch as Alan pounds his way up the greasy sod to the very heights  of world cricket, and watch as his body, career and marriage plummet  into a seeming oblivion.

Peppered with as-yet unheard tales of life as a top-level cricketer; including being the first bowler to hit Brian Lara on the bonce, being presented by Sir Don Bradman with a bill for breaking his window with a cricket ball, and becoming best buddies with the waddling flipper, Shane Warne, we get to see what it’s like to be an English Test player.

And what it’s like to be a school drop-out who makes good.

Before it all goes sour, and the police arrive.

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#1 Best-seller A Sort of Homecoming: Alan Mullally by Paul Blewitt

#1 Best-seller A Sort of Homecoming: Alan Mullally by Paul Blewitt

Stracotto Books: 5-stars out of 5*****

"The best short story I have ever read!" - Amazon Reviewer

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Homecoming Reviews: "Really Worth Reading"


Thanks to Mr R.J. Wilson for his 4-star review:

"A lovely read. A totally honest one about Alan Mullally’s life; not just in cricket but after it too. He really says what he thinks and doesn’t hold back.”

We don’t know Mr Wilson, but a special gift awaits him at Stracotto Books to mark Homecoming’s first review.  Please contact us, Mr W!

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